Complete Renovation and New Construction

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"What makes us different from other contractors?"

Repairs and Minor Enhancements

Many Clients keep us in their thoughts to perform "Honey-Do" lists.  Though it is not our intention to replace your honey, he or she is freed up to enjoy the sweetness!

Having experience in many types of Mid-Atlantic buildings, both residential and commercial, we often are able to identify underlying roots of the surface problem.

We perform repairs regularly in numerous medical offices, indeed buildings of all kinds and hundreds of homes similar to yours:

Door / Window adjustments and replacements
We love hardware repairs
Tile repair
Drywall patches
Roof and Gutter
Vacation home attendance service

Not ready for entire replacement?
In frugal mode we provide serviceable solutions!

Custom Remodeling

It is a Cliché heading!
Every project is custom, but some are unusual. 
Let us apply our practical engineering skills to your unique project!

Some distinctive improvements completed over the years:

Steps to dock
    One project traversed a bank over 22' high

Roof Raising Additions
    Using our unique approach to second story additions, we accomplish fast weather protection while allowing time for quality workmanship.  Three of these projects did not utilize a crane.

Tockwogh Tower
    Waterfront lifeguard / observation tower 24' high

    16' round chamber with carpeted walls and floor

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